Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sad news from the world of Mexican, midget wrestling

Thanks to my co-worker for the heads-up on this one:

Very sad!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

7/22 ECW Thoughts

- Yoshi/Regal was awesome. They worked the crowd really effectively, staying in holds as the heat built, knowing when to go for the hope spot and when to fall back. This match should be on every show, every week.

- Ezekiel Jackson has no presence at all. He's the ultimate proof of how good Mark Henry is -- compare the way Henry carries himself as a giant to Jackson's completely unmenacing demeanor. He walks and stands and carries himself nothing like a guy of his stature should. The Henry babyface turn has been great. I can see where Hoffa and others who've dug Henry were coming from now.

- Tyler Reks? I guess they got tired of bringing Chuck Palumbo back.

- Stryker had a few gems tonight, including a Dynamic Dudes reference. The Dudes were a cheesy skateboarding tag team in the late 80's made up of a not-yet-Franchised Shane Douglas and Johnny Ace, now better known as John Lauranitis (sp?), VP of Talent Relations and one of the top executives in WWE.

- The Abraham Washington Show continues to be a trainwreck, but setting up on the stage and having somebody who can talk in Christian seemed to lift it a little above the first couple Washington Shows. Even for intentionally bad, it's really bad. The first few "episodes" (I hate how, with all of the WWE wrestler-hosted segments, they always talk about them as if they're actual talk shows. It's freaking weird) were serious contenders for Worst Segment I've Ever Seen On WWE Television. Which is really saying something since I remember all of the Billy Gunn pushes.